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  I am an amateur photographer. Photography is pure admiration to our existence and a form of meditaion for me. I have studied 9 years biology. During this period, I have continuously witnessed the magnificent balance of life, which is a small reflection of a greater balance: universe.
  Photography starts with light, which is, in most cases, produced by our sun and traveled through the space. The ones reach to us reflect and bounce from every corner, surface, detail and resultantly bring us the visual information about our surroundings. When I face a scenery, which encourages me to rise my camera and release the shutter, I know that I am sampling a minute part of this immens reality.
  I have carried often a camera with me; however, I was never fully involved. The results were only rememberences. Last three years, I have immensed myself into photography, whenever I can find time from my daily chores. It is not only capturing images and post processing, but also fine art printing, production of acrylic surface mounts and alternative photographic processes, which requires a lot of time investment and generates the most joy for me: I print them, not a device.
 During the first two years of my current photography experience, I have firmly believed that a photo should be generated in camera and by a RAW converter, not more. During the last year, I have heavily concentrated on Photoshop, not to make composits but to optimize the image through several exposures. The reason for this change is the way in which our eyes work. Our eyes can only see the central part of our field of view sharp. That is why they constanly scan our interest point. When we look at something, what we are actually doing is focus stacking and HDR. While the image is being mapped in our brain, we keep applying our emotional filters, which are the results of our travels, readings, education, experiences and culture. In order to recreate the same image that I remember, I had to use a complex editing system. Because of this reason, I have named my website "impressions through camera".
  I will keep persuing my passion and hone my knowladge. Photography is an amazing subject: art and science hand to hand.
  I greatly appriciate all the work has been done by all the earth dewellers, present and past, who has contributed to our knowladge base in all fields.